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Our Academic edge: What Africana Studies offers that no discipline does!

    Academic Edge

Africana Studies at Binghamton University is a challenging and demanding academic program focusing on African peoples and cultures and their descendants in the New World. It adopts an intellectual approach that is sensitive to the history, interests and outlook of African peoples everywhere in the context of the social, political, religious and economic systems of the wider world.

Africana Studies is a multidisciplinary field that broadens the scope and range of traditional disciplines and offers a corrective to disciplines in which knowledge of the presence, roles, cultural contributions and experiences of African peoples and their descendants have been omitted or neglected. It enlightens students about the philosophies, conceptual schemes, and value-systems of Africans and people of African descent everywhere.

In a globally interdependent world, Africana Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge that expands students' awareness of African peoples' contributions in the arts and the sciences and to human development and civilization.

Last Updated: 2/15/18