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Newly Approved African Studies Program Requirements

The Africana Studies Department is multidisciplinary, with some of its faculty holding joint appointments in other departments. The department's offerings thus range across the traditional disciplines of art history, history, literature, musicology, philosophy, religion, and sociology. These disciplines are integrated by certain themes that underscore the uniqueness of the department. First, subject matter focuses on African people and cultures and peoples of African descent in the New World. Second, the department's courses offer a non-Eurocentric and non-racial approach to the investigations, interpretations and understanding of the experiences of African peoples and of the wider world. Third, departmental courses broaden the scope and range of traditional disciplines and offer a corrective to those disciplines in which the knowledge of the presence, roles, cultural contributions and experiences of African people and their descendants have been omitted or neglected.

The department attracts students of all ethnic backgrounds. Both minority and non-minority students benefit from exposure to academic materials and perspectives not otherwise available to them.

All the department's courses satisfy Harpur College writing requirements. A single, double or cross-disciplinary major (BA program) and minor in Africana Studies are available.

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Last Updated: 9/5/18