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Research Days

11 a.m.-noon Friday, April 19, Mandela Room

Camille Adolphe, junior, human development; Shira Anis, junior, anthropology; Caitlin Bonnaci, junior, biological sciences; Teddy Gyamfi, senior, Africana studies; Lauren Johnson, senior, sociology and Africana studies; John Moran, sophomore, psychology; and Nouha Saeed, junior, sociology

Advisor: Titilayo Okoror, Associate Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies, Africana Studies

Implementing an Orientation Program for Refugees Experiences from Working with a Kurdish Family in Binghamton, New York

On average, 60,000 refugees are resettled in the US. Research shows that refugees faced a number challenges when they arrive in a new country. In collaboration with the American Civic Association (ACA) in Binghamton, we conducted four orientation sessions with a Kurdish refugee family of four (father, mother and 2 teenagers) as part to the efforts to resettle them in the Binghamton area. The orientation sessions included information on safety, cultural adjustment, employment and health maintenance. We kept a field journal about of our experiences of working with them and their experiences of moving and settling in a new country. Our findings and experiences will be presented at the poster event.

Download poster presentation (.pptx, 401kb)

Kasey Bizzaro, junior, biological sciences; Cynthia Bortsie-Ansah, junior, biological sciences and Africana studies; Fedia Louis, senior, sociology; Shekima McNair, senior, Africana studies; Tara Perkins, junior, bioengineering; Toycia Pinnock, senior, biological sciences; and Jillian Shotwell, junior, environmental studies and geography
Advisor: Titilayo Okoror, Associate Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies, Africana Studies

Students' Experiences of Working with a Resettled Kurdish Refugee Family in Greater Binghamton, NY

The American Civic Association (ACA) resettles about 25 refugees and/or immigrants families in the Binghamton area each year. As part of the ACA efforts to increase seamless resettlement into the area, students in a Refugee and Immigrant Health course (AFST 387A) implemented an orientation program with a Kurdish family with 2.5 children (father, pregnant mother, and 2 children). The orientation provided information on the role of resettlement agency, employment, health and public assistance among other things. We kept a field journal about our interactions and experiences of working with them. We will present our findings during the poster event.

Download poster presentation (.pptx, 299kb)

Photos from Research Days 2013

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Graduate Recognition Ceremony is held annually. More information to follow. Click here to view photos

Holiday Meet and Greet

Annual event held to promote our commitment to students and their alliance with faculty and staff.


Conferences, workshops and colloquia:

  • The New African Diaspora: Assessing the Pains and Gains of Exile
  • Conference poster (.pdf,138.0KB) 

The African diaspora:

  • African origins and new world self-fashioning (an international conference)
  • Motherhood as verb (a regional conference)

Campus-wide Dean's Workshops

  • Cultural epistemologies of motherhood: Additional information (coming soon)

Globalization, democratization and transition in the developing world:

  • Additional information (.doc, 8.90KB)
  • Globalization interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Africana studies workshop


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