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Honors Program

Exceptional students majoring in Africana studies are considered for admission to the honors program upon the successful completion of five semesters or 80 credits hours (including at least 16 in African studies). The honors program consists of two courses taken in the senior year: AFST 497, Advanced Independent Study/Honors Research and AFST 499, Honors Thesis. Honors in African Studies are awarded to the students who receive at least a B+ grade in Advanced Independent Study/Honors Research and at least an A - in Honors Thesis.

How to Enroll

Students who enroll in the honors program must have a 3.5 grade-point average in Africana Studies. The undergraduate studies director solicits a sample of the student's written work in Africana studies courses and two letters of recommendation from appropriate faculty.

Students entering the Honors Program should contact a potential advisor in her/his area of interest several months before the start of the fall semester to insure the acceptability of the project and the availability of the individual advisor. In the first semester the student chooses a topic and writes  formal proposal under the supervision of the advisor, in accordance with departmental standards. This proposal will then be approved and formally recorded in the minutes of the department faculty meetings. A copy of the proposal will be sent to the chosen second reader of the thesis. The first semester is dedicated to research and analysis, while the second is dedicated to the writing of the thesis.

Theses must be completed two weeks before the end of the semester that the student intends to graduate. Finished these are bound and must meet the formatting requirements laid down by the department. We suggest you follow the "guidelines for Preparing a Thesis or Dissertation" in The Graduate School - Manual. Earlier thesis can be viewed in the Library or in the Africana Studies office. 

After the thesis is completed and signed, the student should submit the original and a second copy to the Africana Studies library. If the student wants a personal copy bound they should bring the additional copy along with a $10 binding fee. payment must be made by check or money order only to: Library IFR Account #90405. The thesis is then taken by Africana Studies to the circulation desk. There is an eight to ten week turn-around time frame for the binging. Students should provide a forwarding address to Africana Studies and Africana Studies will mail out their copy.

Last Updated: 2/20/18