Alumni Connect - March 2018

Register now: Alumni Global Day of Service

By Steve Seepersaud

It's amazing how tasks like yard work or painting can be fun when they're not happening at your house, and when you can do them alongside other Binghamton alumni and see the impact being made in your community.

Both new and returning volunteers can experience this during the fourth annual Alumni Global Day of Service. Join us April 27-29 for an event that will get you working for a worthy cause.

During this designated weekend, community service projects will be taking place around the world, showing the strength of the Binghamton alumni network and the collective power of volunteerism.

About 30 alumni are leading projects in their respective regions; lend your hands to a project in your home area. You'll meet some great people, feel pride in giving back to your community and get a free commemorative T-shirt. See the schedule and register now.

Read what our previous volunteers have to say about Alumni Global Day of Service. 

If we don't have a project in your area, or that doesn't match your interests, you can engage in independent service. Put in your volunteer hours anytime during the weekend, let us know what you did and we'll count you in the totals for this year's Alumni Global Day of Service.

If you have questions, contact Alicia Hibbard, senior coordinator of alumni volunteer engagement, at

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