Career Toolkit: Effective Interviewing

Effective Interviewing

Group Interviews

These types of interviews can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be that way. Stand out as an engaging team player by using these 4 A's for Acing the Group Interview.

Tell me about yourself

It's the most common interview question, and more challenging than it sounds. This video by Vyten can help you get the interview started on the right foot.

Interview Etiquette

No matter where an interview takes place, it's still an interview. If the conversation is over lunch or dinner, table manners must be up to par. This video will help you feel ready to make a positive impression.


  • Prepare a list of questions you plan to ask. Remember, just as your potential future boss is checking you out, you're checking out the employer as well.
  • Select a wrinkle-free outfit appropriate for your industry.
  • Take time to read up on the organization (e.g., website, news articles, social media).
  • Plan your route to the interview and allow enough time so you can arrive early.
  • Review your resume, cover letter and the job description. Because you wrote your resume and cover letter, you're presumed to know everything on those documents.
  • Practice answering interview questions with a friend or mentor. 
  • Dissect the job posting to anticipate what the interviewer may ask you. Avoid asking questions that are answered in the job description, as it's a poor use of time and makes you look unprepared.
  • If you're told ahead of time with whom you'll be meeting, research those individuals through LinkedIn and on the web.
  • Get a good night's rest the evening before the interview.
  • Print out extra copies of your resume.

Interview Stream

Practice makes confident. Interview Stream is a tool to help job-seekers prepare for interviews. Using your home computer and webcam, you can practice and review your interviewing skills in a no-pressure environment.

Some employers may choose to evaluate you through a phone or Skype interview to determine if you should advance to an in-person interview. The following articles offer advice on coming across well during phone or videoconference conversations.