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MAPA Archaeology Faculty and Research

The faculty of Binghamton University's MA Program in Public Archaeology (MAPA) are world-renowned specialists who have experience working across the globe. Recent work includes projects across North America (especially in the Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast), South America (Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador), Mexico, Europe (France), and the Pacific (Easter Island). Students MAPA are encouraged to work with faculty to gain experience in a wide variety of geographical, topical, and theoretical frameworks. Our faculty conduct research on material culture using the campus' cutting-edge technical laboratories. In addition to analytical facilities available for geochemistry, GIS, computing, remote sensing, and materials research, students have opportunities to gain experience in the 15 laboratories situated within the Anthropology Department, that range from ancient DNA to forensics to faunal analysis to artifactual studies.

MAPA is closely tied to the Public Archaeology Facility (PAF) , a research center on campus specializing in cultural resource management (CRM). PAF's mission includes innovative research in the northeastern U.S., professional training, community outreach programming, and collaboration with Native American groups. PAF's programs, labs, and field sites are available for hands-on training in the practice of public archaeology for our students.

Through our many classes, labs, field projects, laboratories and internships, MAPA students gain critical skills that help them launch their careers. Check out our blog at for posts about recent fieldschools, workshops, and lab research. Students have a wide range of skills to choose from, including:

• Research Design and Implementation
• Collaboration with Indigenous Peoples and Other Invested Communities
• Geographic Information Sciences (GIS)
• Techniques in Survey and Mapping
• Quantitative Analyses
• Remote Sensing and Geophysics
• Satellite and Aerial Image Acquisition and Analysis
• Lithic Analysis
• Ceramic Analysis
• Faunal Analysis
• Geochemistry and Compositional Analyses
• Archaeometry
• Geoarchaeology
• Microscopic Analyses
• Chronological Analyses and Geochronology
• Materials Analysis
• Three-dimensional Scanning, LiDAR and Image Analysis
• Budgeting and Project Management
• Report and Grant Writing
• Knowledge of Federal, State, and Local Laws
• Professional Ethics
• Ancient DNA


MAPA Faculty and Staff


Matthew Sanger, Assistant Professor
PhD, Columbia University, 2014

Randall H. McGuire, Distinguished Professor
PhD, University of Arizona, 1982


PAF Director

Nina M. Versaggi, Associate Professor
PhD, Binghamton University, 1988


Graduate Assistant

Paula Hertfelder
Archaeology PhD Student



Siobhan M. Hart, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2009

William H. Isbell, Distinguished Professor
PhD, University of Illinois, 1973

Sébastien Lacombe, Research Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Toulouse-le Mirail, 1998

Carl P. Lipo, Professor/Director of Environmental Studies Program
PhD, University of Washington, Seattle, 2000

Kathleen Sterling, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2005

Ruth Van Dyke, Professor
PhD, University of Arizona, 1998


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