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Sociocultural Anthropology
at Binghamton University

In 2004 the Program in Sociocultural Anthropology began a project of rebuilding and redefinition around a new constellation of interests and expertise. Through this process we sought to blend well-established anthropological perspectives – notably in political economy and critical anthropology – with innovative research agendas to create a distinctive profile for our graduate program. We have conceived of this not as a project yielding a fixed agenda, but rather as one of ongoing critical appraisal of how we can best assimilate new developments in social and cultural anthropology within our teaching and our scholarship.

Social and Cultural Faculty at Binghamton University

Deborah Elliston

Carmen Ferradas

Douglas Glick

Douglas Holmes

Joshua Reno

Pamela Smart (Art History Department)

Thomas M. Wilson


Five new areas of specialization have been developed:

1. Advanced European Integration & Europeanization

2. Material and Visual Culture

3. Nation, Nationalism, and Nationalist Modernity

4. Formations of the Modern Self

5. Semiotics of Culture

What follows is an overview of these areas as we currently conceive of them and the courses we offer and are developing to support these specializations. 

Below are courses regularly offered by Binghamton University sociocultural faculty.
For more detailed course descriptions, click here. For a current listing of course offering, click here.

Roster of Graduate Courses

The Body (Elliston)
Collecting (Smart)
Consumption (Ferradas)
Cultures of Capitalism (Holmes)
Cultures of Expertise (Holmes)
Digital Anthropology (Reno)
Ethnographic Film (Smart)
European Integration and Europeanization (Wilson)
The Global and the Local (Ferradas)
Human-Nonhuman Relations (Reno)
Kinship, Gender, & Sexuality (Elliston)
Language and Identity (staff)
Language and Materiality (staff)
Latin America Seminar (Ferradas)
Linguistic Anthropology (Glick)
Nationalism and Women in the 'Third World' (Elliston)
On Value (Smart)
Political Anthropology (Wilson)
Political Ecology (Ferradas)
Science, Technology and Knowledge (Reno)
Semiotics (Glick)
Sexuality Studies Seminar (Elliston)
Topics in Migration and Transnationalism (staff)
Topics in the Anthropology of Art and Museums (Smart)
Transnationalism and Diaspora (staff)

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