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Frequently Asked Questions

My undergraduate degree is not in anthropology. Can I still apply? Do
I need to take other courses in anthropology first?

You do NOT need a degree in anthropology to apply to the MA MS or PhD
programs. It helps but is definitely not a requirement. Many who are
accepted come from other backgrounds (sociology, biology, history, etc.)

Which program should I apply to? I want to get a PhD but I do not have
a Masters Degree yet.

You should apply to the PhD program. You will get a Masters degree en
route to the PhD.  Also, you are only eligible for funding as a TA/GA
if you are in the PhD program. MS and terminal MA students are not
eligible to be TA/GAs as per university policy.

I have a Masters degree and or other graduate credits. Will the
credits transfer?

You can transfer up to 30 graduate credits so long as they were not
used towards your undergraduate degree. They can count as electives
towards your PhD degree.

Is there funding for MA or MS students?

Not as a TA/GA. you must be in the PhD program to be funded as a TA/GA.

Last Updated: 8/2/16