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This is a photo of Andy Merriwether  Andy Merriwether

   Associate Professor of Anthropology
   Department Chair

   PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1993
   Molecular Anthropologist
   Science 1, Room 219

 Research Interests

D. Andrew Merriwether is a molecular anthropologist and population geneticist whose research focuses on the peopling of new landscapes (the New World and the Pacific), reconstructing the past using genetic data from contemporary populations and ancient DNA from the archaeological record. Additional areas of research focus on genes involved in adaptation to altitude, diabetes and obesity.


1999 (with J. Friedlaender, J. Mediavilla, C. Mgone, F. Gentz, and R. E. Ferrell) Mitochondrial DNA variation is an indicator of Austronesian influence in Island Melanesia. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 110: 243-270.

2002 The peopling of the new world: a mitochondrial perspective. In: The First Americans: The Pleistocene Colonization of the New World. Proceedings of the Fourth Wattis Symposium. Wattis Symposium Series in Anthropology, Number 25, 1999, San Francisco, CA, Chapter 11, pp. 295-310.

2002 (with B. M. Kemp, D. E. Crews, and J. V. Neel) Gene flow and genetic variation in the Yanomama as revealed by mitochondrial DNA. In: America Past, America Present: Genes and Languages in the Americas and Beyond, C. Renfrew (ed.). (Papers in the Prehistory of Languages.) Cambridge, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, pp. 89-124.

Last Updated: 8/2/16