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Carl P. Lipo  Carl P. Lipo

   Director, Environmental Studies Program
   Professor of Anthropology
   PhD, University of Washington, 2000
   Science 1, Room 166



In the News!

Feb. 17, 2016  Paper by Carl P. Lipo published on Easter Island.  Story from the Christian Science Monotor:  Mysterious disappearance: What actually happened on Easter Island?

Research Interests

Carl Lipo is an archaeologist studying cultural change of human populations. Lipo uses evolutionary theory as a means of developing methods for studying cultural transmission and the process of natural selection acting on cultural systems. His work has explored community patterning among prehistoric potters of the Mississippi Valley, patterns of inheritance among stone tools producers in North America and the conditions that led the populations of Easter Island (Rapa Nui, Chile) to construct their famous monumental statues. In addition to the study of artifact variability and geochronology, Lipo has interests in remote sensing as a means of efficiently and non-destructively studying the archaeological record. This work includes the use of magnetometry, resistivity, conductivity, thermal imagery, photogrammetry, LiDAR and ground penetrating radar.

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Sample Publications

2015   Michael J. O'Brien, Matthew T. Boulanger, Briggs Buchanan, R. Alexander Bentley, R. Lee   Lyman, Carl P. Lipo, Mark Madsen, and Metin I. Eren.  Design Space and Cultural Transmission: A Case Study from Paleoindian Eastern North America. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory. Published online: 05 July 2015.

2015   Lipo, Carl P., Mark E. Madsen, and Robert C. Dunnell.  A Theoretically-Sufficient and Computationally-Practical Technique for Deterministic Frequency Seriation. PLoS ONE. Published online: 29 April 2015. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.012494

2015   Lipo, Carl P., Rene Horneman, Terry L. Hunt, and Vincent Bonhomme.  Rapa Nui Mataa Morphometric Analyses. Antiquity (in press)

2014   Eerkens, Jelmer and C.P. Lipo.  A tale of two technologies: Prehistoric diffusion of pottery innovations among hunter-gatherers. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. 35:23-31.

2013   Lipo, C. P., T. Hunt and Sergio Rapu Haoa.  The 'Walking' Megalithic Statues (Moai) of Easter Island. Journal of Archaeological Science

2012   Safi, K., O. Chinchilla, C. Lipo and H. Neff.  Using Ground-Penetrating Radar to Examine Spatial Organization at the Late Classic Maya Site of El Baúl, Cotzumalhuapa, Guatemala. Geoarchaeology 27(5): 410-425.

2012   Lipo, C. P., R.C. Dunnell, V. Harper, and J. Dudgeon.  Beveled Bifaces and Aerodynamics. American Antiquity 77(4): 774-788.

2011   Hunt, T. L. and C.P. Lipo.   The Statues that Walked: Unraveling the mystery of Easter Island. Free Press, NY.

2011   Hunt, T. L. and C. P. Lipo.  Statues Walking: Easter Island's Complex History. Nature 479:41

2011   Reith, T. M., T.L. Hunt, Carl P. Lipo, and J. Wilmshurst.  The Thirteenth Century Polynesian Colonization of Hawai'i Island Journal of Archaeological Science 38(10): 2740-2749

2011   Gabora, Liane, Stefan Leinen, Tomas Velox and Carl Lipo.  A Non-Phylogenetic Conceptual Network Architecture for Organizing Classes of Material Artifacts into Cultural Lineages. Proceedings of the 30th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Boston, MA

2011   Lipo, C.P., T.D. Hunt and R.C. Dunnell.  Formal Analyses and Functional Accounts of Groundstone "Plummets" From Poverty Point, Louisiana.  Journal of Archaeological Science 39(1):84-91

2011   Torres Hochstetter, Sergio Rapa Haoa, Carl P. Lipo and Terry L. Hunt.  A public database of archaeological resources on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) using Google Earth. Latin American Antiquity 22(3):385-397.

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