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Douglas Glick   Douglas Glick

   Associate Professor of Anthropology 
   Director of the Linguistics Program
PhD, University of Chicago, 1998
   Linguistic anthropologist
   Science 1, Room 215

Douglas Glick is a linguistic anthropologist whose research focuses on language use in the constitution of meaning in social interaction. His methods are broadly semiotic and as such he draws on grammatical, sociolinguistic and discursive approaches to linguistic meaning. He has studied and taught in universities in Israel and one of his research foci is on language and style, in particular, politeness marking in Modern Hebrew. More recently, he has been investigating the role of (poetic) parallelisms as a common semiotic mechanism for grounding meanings across a variety of ritual and non-ritual interactional settings. He is doing this with an increasing focus on 'mass media texts', both here in the US and in Israel. His most recent project will have him travelling to Israel to carry out a research project on the ways in which ethnic stereotypes that are linked to 'ways of speaking' circulate through Israel's mass media.

Courses Regularly Taught

Language Culture and Communication in the US

Linguistic Anthropology

Language Culture and Semiotics

Language and Advertising

Language and the Sit-com


2011 Language Culture and Communication in the US (Revised Edition). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. [Introductory chapter with selected readings]

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2010 Dangerous non-compliance: A narrative analysis of a CNN special investigation of mental illness. Anthropology & Medicine 17(2): 229-244. (Co-authored with K. Applbaum).

2007 Some performative techniques of stand-up comedy: An exercise in the textuality of temporalization. Language & Communication 27(3): 291-306.

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