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Anthropology Faculty

Elizabeth A. DiGangi  Elizabeth DiGangi

   Assistant Professor of Anthropology
   PhD, University of Tennessee, 2008
   Diplomate #103, American Board of Forensic
   Biological Anthropologist
   Science 1, Room 239

Research interests

Elizabeth DiGangi's research interests are focused on two areas in skeletal biology: bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology. Her bioarchaeological work focuses on the prehistoric Andes and the southeastern U.S., exploring changes in traditional skeletal health markers before and after major subsistence change. She is additionally interested in the bioarchaeology of impairment, and recently published a case study of an impaired Mississippian individual. Before returning to academia, she was practicing applied anthropology for five years in Colombia, where she taught and advised the country’s forensic science professionals, especially the anthropologists. This included being one of the creators of the Centro de Identificación Humana in Medellín, a state-of-the-art forensic anthropology center that has as its mission analysis and identification of human skeletal remains while serving as a continuing education and research center. DiGangi continues her engagement with colleagues at the center, especially related to methods validation and continuing education. Her forensic anthropological research interests include developing and validating biological standards (age-at-death, sex, ancestry, and stature) for the Colombian population to increase accuracy in addition to exploring ways to increase collaboration and knowledge sharing between non-U.S. and U.S. forensic anthropologists. She is further interested in using her forensic anthropological work in Colombia as a platform to shed light on the grave human rights issues that exist in that country.

Representative publications

EA DiGangi and MK Moore, editors. Research Methods in Human Skeletal Biology. Academic Press: San Diego, 2013.

Wilson RJ, Bethard JD, and EA DiGangi. The Use of Orthopedic Surgical Devices for Forensic Identification. Journal of Forensic Sciences 56(2): 460-469, 2010.

DiGangi EA, Bethard JD, and LP Sullivan. Differential Diagnosis of Cartilaginous Dysplasia and Probable Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease in a Mississippian Individual from East Tennessee. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 20(4): 424-442, 2009.

DiGangi EA, Bethard JD, Kimmerle EH, and LW Konigsberg. A New Method for Estimating Age-at-Death From the First Rib. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 138(2): 164-176, 2009.

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