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Randall McGuire  Randall McGuire

   Distinguished Professor of Anthropology
   Co-Director Public Archaeology Program
   PhD, University of Arizona, 1982
   Science 1, Room 228

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 Curriculum vitae (PDF, 200kb)

Research interests

Randall McGuire is an archaeologist whose principal interests lie in the development of power relations in the past. He has carried out most of his field work in the U.S. Southwest and currently is conducting a long-term field project in northwest Mexico. He has also done historical archaeology and oral history research in the northeastern U.S. In 2010, he completed a project investigating the 1913-1914 coal strike in southern Colorado. He is starting research in contemporary archaeology on the U.S. – Mexican border around Nogales, Arizona. In addition to historical archaeology, history and ethnology, his interests include quantitative methods, social theory, cultural resource management and archaeomagnetic dating.

Selected Publications

2013  McGuire, Randall H.  Steel Walls and Picket Fences: Rematerializing the U.S. - Mexican Border in Ambos Nogales. American Anthropologist 115(3):466-481.

2011  McGuire, Randall H. and María Elisa Villalpando Canchola (editors).  Excavations at Cerro de Trincheras, Sonora, Mexico, Arizona State Museum Archaeological Series 204. Arizona State Museum, Tucson.

2011  Bernbeck, Reinhard and Randall H. McGuire (editors).  Ideologies in Archaeology. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

2009  Villalpando, Elisa and Randall H. McGuire.  Entre Muros de Piedra. Sonoran Cultural Center, Hermosillo.

2009  Larkin, Karin and Randall H. McGuire (editors).  The Archaeology of Class War: The Colorado Coalfield Strike of 1913-1914. University of Colorado Press, Boulder.

2008  Archaeology as Political Action. University of California Press, Berkeley.

2003  (with P. Reckner) Building a Working Class Archaeology: The Colorado Coal Field War Project. Industrial Archaeology Review 25(2): 83–95 .

1999  (with Mark Walker) Class confrontations in archaeology. Historical Archaeology 33(1):159-183.

1996  (with Dean Saitta) Although they have petty captains they obey them badly: The dialectics of prehispanic western Pueblo social organization. American Antiquity 61(2): 197-216.

1992  A Marxist Archaeology. Academic Press, Orlando.

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