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Anthropology Faculty


Associate Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
PhD, Harvard University, 1963
Economic anthropologist
Science 1, Room 216

Research interests

Richard Moench is an economic anthropologist with interests in economic history, social theory and development. He has conducted research on the public sector economy in Egypt and on economic organization among Chinese in the Pacific and Hong Kong's New Territories, and on the rise of capitalism in the Far East.


1987 The May 1984 election in Egypt and the question of Egypt's stability. In Elections in the Middle East, ed. by L. Layne. Westview Press, Boulder.

1988 Oil, ideology and state autonomy in Egypt. Arab Studies Quarterly 10(2):176-192.

1988 (with Essa Al Sa'di) Oil prices, state policies and politics in Kuwait. Arab Studies Quarterly 10(2):214-224.

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