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John Tagg

Graduate Supervision

Doctoral Dissertations

1987  John H. Pryor. Stylistic Patterns of Northern California Indian Baskets. (Anthropology)

1989  Nancy Hamme. Images of Seamstresses in the Art of William Gropper. (Art History)

1991  Katrina Irving. The Discursive Construction of the Immigrant Woman in America, 1890-1925. (English)

1992  Paul Ivey. Tabernacle to Temple. The Christian Science Building Boom, 1895-1925: The Triumph of the Classical Style. (Art History)

1993  Melissa Hall. Modernism, Militarism and Masculinity: Modern Art Discourses and British Official War Art During the First World War. (Chair) (Art History)

1998  Young-June Lee. Mapping Contemporary Theories of Photography: A Reader in New Approaches to the History of Photography, 1964-1995 (Chair) (Art History)

1999  Charles Reeve. The Subject of Formalism: Ruskin, Fry and Greenberg. (Cornell University, Art History)

2000  Gordon Bleach. Visions of Access: Africa Bound and Staged 1880-1940. (Chair) (Art History)

2000  Stephen DeCaroli. Go Hither and Look: Aesthetics, History and the Exemplary in Late Eighteenth-Century Philosophy (Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture)

2002  Leigh George. The Functions of Graphic Design: Sociologies, History, and the International Design Conference in Aspen (Chair) (Art History)

2003  Hong Kal. The Presence of the Past: Exhibitions, Memories and National Identities in Colonial and Postcolonial Korea and Japan. (Chair) (Art History)

2004  Jina Kim. Invitation to the Other: The Reframing of "American" Art and National Identity and the 1993 Whitney Biennial in New York and Seoul. (Chair) (Art History)

2004  Sarah Bassnett. Visible Cities: Photography, Visual Discourse and City Planning in Early Twentieth-Century Toronto and Montreal. (Chair) (Art History)

2005  Rodrigo Mier. Spectral Politics and War in Zapatista Discourse. (Chair) (Philosophy, Literature and the Theory of Criticism Program)

2006  Alexis Dengel. Just Before Getting Over the Past and Other Stories. (English)

2006  Linda Steer, Found, Borrowed and Stolen: The Use of Photographs in French Surrealist Reviews, 1924-1939. (Chair) (Art History)

2008  Ovidiu Tichindeleanu, The Graphic Sound: An Archaeology of Sound, Technology and Knowledge at 1900. (Chair) (Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture)

2008  Nikolay Karkov. The Ontology of Immanence: Spinoza and the Politics of Affect. (Program in Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture)

2009 Jordan Baer. Look Again: The Multiples of Photographic Discernment and Production. (Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University)

2009 Victoria Scott. Silk Screens and Television Screens: Maoism and the Posters of May 1968 in Paris. (Art History)

2010 Cindy Stelmackowich. Bodies of Knowledge: Nineteenth-Century Anatomical Atlases, 1800–1860. (Chair) (Art History)

2010 Julia Friday. Czechoslovakia from the Prague Spring to the Velvet Revolution: The Composition of Memory, Public Record and Archive. (Chair) (Comparative Literature)

2010 Irmak Ertuna. The Avant-Garde and the Politics of Revolution: From Dada into Surrealism, 1919–1931. (Comparative Literature)

2010 Hilary Malatino. Sexing the Monster: Intersex and the Politics of Queer Becoming. (Program in Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture)

2011 Jeremy Culler. From Television Signal To Magnetic Strip: An Archaeology Of Experimental Television And Video Knowledge. (Chair) (Art History)

2011 Jung Joon Lee. Framing the Nation: Nation Building, Resistance, and Democratization in Korean Photography, 1945-2008. (The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, Art History)

2012 Susannah Simpson. Film Noir: A Collection of Poems. (English)

2013 Chunghoon Shin. Seoul Art "Under Construction:" From the Late 1960s to the New Millenium. (Art History)

2013 Hye-ri Oh. The Concept of Photography in Korea: The Genealogy of the Korean Conception of Sajin from the Late Chosŏn Dynastic Period Through Japanese Colonialism. (Chair) (Art History)

2013 Na'ama Klorman-Eraqi. Feminism and Photography in Britain in 1970s and Early 1980s. (Chair) (Art History)

2014 Jennifer Kennedy. Charming Monsters: The Spectacle of Femininity in Postwar France. (Art History)

In progress Paulina Banas. The French Orientalist Book Industry, 1840–1880: Prisse d'Avennes, Systems of Borrowing and Reuse, and the Marketing of Egypt. (Art History)

In progress Ozgur Cicek. The Politics of Kurdish Film Making in Turkey, 1980–2011. (Program in Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture)

In progress Hyeok Cho. Postmodernity, Femininity, and Racial Identity in Lee Bul's Art. (Chair) (Art History)

In progress Cagatay Dogan. Representations of Istanbul in Postwar Turkey: Othmar Pferschy, the State and Urban Reconstruction. (Art History)

In progress Adam Ferguson. (English)

In progress Todd Goehle, Visualizing "1968:" Media, Memory, and Social Transformation in West Germany, 1966 to 1983. (History)

In progress Young-Sin Park. The Choson Industrial Exposition of 1915. (Chair) (Art History)

In progress Rotem Rozental. Photographic Archives, Nationalism and the Foundation of the Jewish State, 1903–1948. (Chair) (Art History)

In progress Angelique Szymanek. The Fear of Rape, The Threat of Looking: Performance, Activism, and Spectatorship. (Art History)

In progress Ya-Ling Wang. The Critical and Institutional Reception of American Abstract Expressionism in Taiwan and China. (Chair) (Art History)

In progress Steven Warech. (Chair) (Comparative Literature)

In progress Dengyan Zhou. The Language of Photography in China: A Genealogy of Conceptual Frames from Sheying to Xinwen sheying and Jishi sheying. (Chair) (Art History)

Master's Theses

1988  Philip Armstrong. Gustave Caillebotte's "The Floor Scrapers": The Parameters of a Critical Perspective.

1988  Mary E. Law. English Hunting Images: Representation, Social Positionality and Class Identity.

1989  Kathleen Colman. The Construction of Greek Identity: An Analysis of Cultural Systems.

1991  Alison Ferris. Street Photography in the City of Capital: Sexual Politics, Representation and the Discourse of Space.

1991  Josette Clermont. "The Crisis": A Case-Study of the Politics of Representation in Afro-American Culture.

1991  Jamie Park. The Cultural Politics of Empowerment: The Great Wall of Los Angeles and the Min Joong Art Movement of South Korea.

1993  Christopher Jakel. Textile Strategies: Worker's Clothing Design and the Reconstruction of Everyday Life in the U.S.S.R., 1917-1934.

1993  Shawn Parker. Deviance and Photography: Images of Male Sexual Perversion in American Medical Journals and Texts, 1890-1920.

1993  Eileen Robertson. Cultural Nationalism and Cultural Otherness in the Presentation of Mexican Art in Mexico and the United States.

1994  Jennifer Hirshlag. Framing Wombs: The Politics of Fetal Imagery and Technologies of Observing Pregnancy.

1995  Margaret Crocker. A Frowning Fetus: Aubrey Beardsley and the Drawing of Sexual Distinctions.

1995  Ilana David. Politics and Archaeology in Israel: Yigael Yadin's Excavations at Masada. (co-supervised)

1996  Hong Lee. Pornographic Politics: Debates on the Public Funding of "Controversial" Art and Neo-Conservative Attacks on the National Endowment for the Arts between 1989 and 1992.

1996  Leigh George. Imposed Integration: Identity and Layout in 12 Million Black Voices.

1997  Krista Ivy. When Surrender Is Sweet: Bob Flanagan, Masochism and the Modalities of Resistance.

In progress Kasia Kieca, (Chair) (Art History)

In progress Lyno Vuth, (Chair) (Art History)

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