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Binghamton University Art Museum

Students in Binghamton's Art History programs are fortunate to have access to the University Art Museum. This museum contains more than 3,000 objects from all major periods of art history and most parts of the world. The museum's permanent collection, housing the most significant historical collections in the area, include painting, sculpture, architecture, prints, photographs, drawings, glass, ceramic, metalwork, manuscript collections, textiles, and costumes. Areas covered by the collection include Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Near and Far East, European, African and Oceanic, pre-Columbian cultures and the Americas.

The Kenneth C. Lindsay Museum Study Room

The Kenneth C. Lindsay Museum Study Room is named in honor of Professor Kenneth C. Lindsay, the founder of the Department of Art and Art History of Harpur College at Binghamton University. Trained at the University of Wisconsin under James Watrous and Oskar Hagen, a World War II veteran of the Signal Intelligence Division and of the famous Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Division, Ken Lindsay came to Harpur College in 1951--and he never left. During over seventeen years of chairing, Lindsay, a renowned expert on Wassily Kandinsky and the editor, with Peter Vergo, of Kandinsky's complete writings on art, watched over the establishment of undergraduate programs in art history and studio art but also the launching of the SUNY system's first programs in art history at the Master's and Doctoral levels, as the department he led grew to encompass an extensive art library, an art museum with a permanent collection, a slide and photograph archive, and a highly visible profile in graduate education and research.

The Kenneth C. Lindsay Museum Study Room, at the heart of the University Art Museum, will provide a focus for teaching, research and outreach directly related to the Museum's permanent collection. As a dedicated space in which faculty, students and members of the wider community will be able to study and examine original works of art, the Study Room will be a memorial to Ken Lindsay's lifelong commitment to the study and protection of works of art and his inspirational teaching through direct observation and the immediate experience of works of art themselves. The Kenneth C. Lindsay Museum Study Room will provide a purpose designed facility where pieces from the permanent collection can be studied, where classes focusing on original works of art can be taught, where exhibitions drawing on the permanent collection can be mounted, and where the teaching of art history, museum studies and curatorial skills can be brought together in an exciting and effective way.

Donations in memory of Kenneth Lindsay and in support of the Kenneth C. Lindsay Museum Study Room may be made through the Binghamton Foundation. Please make your check payable to the Binghamton University Foundation and designate your gift to the Kenneth C. Lindsay Memorial Fund, Account #10365; or to donate online please go to: Select "Other" and type the name and account number.

Last Updated: 6/19/17