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Writing the Global City:
A Tribute to Professor Anthony D. King

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An international conference at Binghamton University

Organized by the Department of Art History and co-sponsored by the Harpur College Dean's Office, the Fernand Braudel Center, the Alumni Association, the Convocations Committee, and the departments of History, Philosophy, and Sociology, Binghamton University

Date: Friday and Saturday, October 4-5, 2013

This conference will honor one of Binghamton's most renowned faculty members, Professor Emeritus Anthony D. King, who taught students in the departments of art history and sociology for almost twenty years. During his career at Binghamton, King completed the writing and editing of five books (in addition to countless articles and papers delivered at conferences around the world), advised a cadre of international doctoral and masters students, and helped to promote Binghamton University's reputation for innovative globally-relevant research. Featuring presentations by his past students and prominent colleagues from Binghamton and other campuses, this conference will celebrate King's influential legacy of scholarship, his continuing research and publications, and his dedicated mentorship of a generation of architectural and urban scholars. The proceedings of the conference will be published in a special issue of Review, A Journal of the Fernand Braudel Center.

Professor King joined the faculty of Binghamton University in 1987. From 2000-2005, he was Bartle Professor of art history and sociology and then, since 2006, Professor Emeritus. As a faculty member, he exemplified the interdisciplinary spirit of Harpur College by forging links between art history, sociology, philosophy, history, and the Fernand Braudel Center. With a worldview that was profoundly international and cross-culturally oriented, King spearheaded the study of the global city long before the terms globalism and globalization became commonplace in academic circles. His many publications consider how the built environment has been produced socially, with a focus on the transregional flows of capital and the geographically uneven processes of colonialism, post-colonialism, and globalization. His books include Colonial Urban Development (1976, 2006), Buildings and Society: Essays on the Social Development of the Built Environment (ed. 1980, 1984), The Bungalow: The Production of a Global Culture (1984, 1995), Urbanism, Colonialism and the World-Economy: Cultural and Spatial Foundations of the World Urban System (1990), Global Cities: Postimperialism and the Internationalization of London (1990), Culture, Globalization and the World-System (ed. 1991, 1997), Re-Presenting the City: Ethnicity, Capital and Culture in the 21st Century Metropolis (ed. 1996) and Spaces of Global Cultures: Architecture, Urbanism, Identity (2004). These publications, and many others, have reached audiences around the world in German, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, and Japanese translation.

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Donations in honor of Anthony D. King will support the Anthony D. King Award in Art and Architectural History and may be made through the Binghamton Foundation. To donate online through our secure web site, please go to: Select "Other" and type Anthony D. King Award in Art and Architectural History, Account #20330. If you would prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to the Binghamton University Foundation and designate your gift to the Anthony D. King Award in Art and Architectural History, Account #20330 and mail to: BU Foundation, PO Box 6005, Binghamton, NY 13903-6005. If you have any questions please contact Leah Joggerst at or call 607.777.4098.

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