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Declaring a Major/Minor in Art History

Declaring a Major or Minor (Certificate)

The selection of a major is very important in shaping your future goals and successes. The concentration in Art History allows students to fully prepare themselves for the exciting world of museum and gallery work, art administration professions, and paves the way for advanced graduate study. The Architecture and Urban Studies concentration prepares students for advanced study in architecture and urban planning, for teaching professions, civic administrative work and professions in historic preservation. You should review the Art History Degree Track requirements before declaring a major. The Certificate In Art History is the equivalent of a degree minor. Review the Certificate Degree Requirements for more information. (Note: Those declaring a minor must have completed a minimum of 60 credits of coursework, before they can declare.)

To declare a major or minor (certificate) in art history:

  1. Complete the Major/Minor Declaration Form, available from the Art History Department located in the Fine Arts building, room 219.
  2. Attach a recent copy of your DARS (available from the BUSI Web Center).
  3. Make an appointment for advising, with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Obtain their signature on the declaration form.
  4. Deliver the declaration form to the Art History Department office in Fine Arts room 219. Once received, your declaration will be processed and you will be added to the art history undergraduate listserv.
  5. It is important to carefully consider where your interests, talents and strengths lie in order to select a major that is right for you. If your passion is the history of art and architecture, we look forward to welcoming you into our program.

Print the Change of Major/Minor Form below or obtain a copy from the Art History office, Fine Arts 219. Fill out all of the information. Make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Bring the completed form and a current copy of your DARS to the meeting. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will sign the form approving your art history major or minor.

Change of Major/Minor form (.pdf)

Applying to the BA & MA Five-Year Combined Degree Program in Art History

The application to the BA & MA Five-Year Combined Degree Program in Art History entails two steps. The first step should be initiated early in the junior year, when the student applies to the combined degree program at the level of the art history department. The student fills out the application form found below and attaches a transcript, a statement of intent, and a writing sample. The student will be evaluated based on the quality of the grades, teacher recommendations, and the writing sample. If the student meets the standards of the department, the student will be conditionally admitted into the program. After being admitted conditionally, the student may begin to enroll in 500-level art history seminars that will be double-counted as credits for both the BA and MA degree.

During the first semester of the senior year, the student must commence the second stage of the admission process, which entails a formal application to the department through the graduate school. The normal admission process is followed, which includes the GRE and an admission fee. In order to be admitted to the M.A. program, the student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better for graduate coursework. After the senior year, when all undergraduate requirements are met, the student will be awarded a B.A. degree and the student will be officially admitted to the graduate program. After that point, the student may no longer take undergraduate courses and may only enroll in graduate-level courses.

Requirements for the Five-Year Combined Degree Program

Application for the Five-Year Combined Degree Program

Last Updated: 10/7/16