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The following is reprinted from the long cv format recommended by the College Art Association. For the full version with commentary on each section please refer to the CV for Art Historians Guidelines. The full framework is presented here, with the expectation that early-career scholars will adjust or omit categories according to their experience.

List your most recent activities first (under each heading), Pagination after the first page is recommended. Use 10 pt. type or larger.

1.Current contact information

Name (in bold or larger font)
Phone Number(s): Work, Home, Fax

2. Education

PhD 1998 University of Kansas
Dissertation: "Medieval Art Is Pretty Neat" (advisor's name optional)
MA 1994 Yale University
BA 1992 Swarthmore College (High Honors)
Area(s) of Specialization: Medieval Art, Early Christian Art

3. Professional Experience (Teaching Experience, Academic Appointments)

1998-Present Visiting Assistant Professor, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY
1997-98 Teaching Assistant, Art History Survey, Fall and Spring (instructor of record each term), University of Kansas
1996, Summer Curatorial Assistant, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas
1994, Summer Administrative Assistant, Sotheby's, New York, NY

4. Grants/Fellowships/Awards (Awards/Honors, etc.)

1997 University of Kansas Graduate Student Travel Grant
University of Kansas Award Outstanding Teaching Award by a Graduate Student
1996-98 Graduate Fellowship, University of Kansas

5. Publications (Use the Art Bulletin Style Guide for your entries.)

Book(s) completed
Book(s) edited
Book(s) coedited
Chapters in books
Scholarly periodicals (refereed/juried, invited) Note: if the article has been translated or anthologized one should list that information with the entry under the main citation (not as a separate entry)
Article written for Festschrift, Album Amicorum
Exhibition/museum catalogues
Catalogue essays
Catalogue entries
Book Reviews
Encyclopedia/Dictionary Entries/Bibliographies/Databases/Websites/Instructional Programs
Other (example: exhibition(s) that you have curated)
Publications in Progress

6. Conferences/Presentations/Papers (Symposia, Colloquia, etc.)

1998 College Art Association Annual Conference, Toronto, Ontario
Paper: "The Canon: What's Right? What's Wrong" (Title of panel may be listed as well)
Symposium, Colgate University, Hamilton, New York
"Visual Epithets: Depicting Otherness"
1997 Southeastern College Art Conference, Richmond, Virginia
Panel Chairperson: "New Studies: Medieval Manuscripts"

7. Guest Lectures

1998 Lecture, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
Title of Paper: "Manuscripts: Medieval Minds, Medieval Hands"

8. Professional Service (Service)

Most universities require a certain amount of service within the university and local community. Always include dates of service. Professional service for art historians may appear in the form of:

Committee work within the university
Service in professional organizations (board or committee member)
Manuscript reviews
Tenure reviews
Service as grader for Advanced Placement
Articles, essays, etc., in nonscholarly publications like magazines and newspapers
Fundraising for the university, professional organizations
Service as juror for exhibitions
Consulting (public-art projects)
Education projects in the community

9. Professional Affiliations

College Art Association
Southeastern College Art Conference

10. Languages Read/Spoken

11. Computer Skills, Audio-Visual Skills, Photographic/Slide Making Skills, Exhibitions

12. Other

At this point in your cv, you might wish to include:
Brief descriptions of the courses you have taught or created
References (which can also be included on a separate page with your cover letter)

Last Updated: 8/16/18