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The collection of the Binghamton University Art Museum consists of approximately 3,500 objects, including works on paper, paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts from around the world. In addition to curated exhibitions, the Museum offers flexible and innovative ways of interacting with the various and diverse works of art.

Search the database

You will soon be able to search the database containing images and records of the entire permanent collection. Please return to this webpage!

Kenneth C. Lindsay Study Room

Named after the art historian and founder of the Art Gallery, Kenneth C. Lindsay (1919-2009), the Study Room provides opportunities to study any object from the permanent collection.

Students, professors, and members of the general public may come on Wednesdays, 2:00-4:00 p.m. or make an appointment with the museum registrar, Silvia Ivanova.

Professors may also reserve the Study Room in order to hold a class of no more than 20 students to view artwork, or may request that several works of art be put on display for a short time for students to examine. Professors should contact Silvia Ivanova to reserve the Study Room.

Visible Storage Tablet Tour

An increasing number of municipal art and cultural museums have developed visible storage areas so that visitors might glimpse the depth of an institution's permanent collection. The Visible Storage Tablet Tour was created in Spring 2014 in order to encourage visitors to engage with works of art in novel ways. Objects from ancient Egypt, classical Greece and Rome, as well as Asia, Africa, the early Americas, and early modern Europe are densely installed in cabinets. Rather than read mounted labels or texts, visitors explore the visible storage with iPads (provided by a gallery guard). Using accessible, touch-screen technology, the iPads allow visitors to learn basic information about every object and to read short labels written by students from different disciplinary perspectives such as history, creative writing, geology, or chemistry.


Last Updated: 10/30/17