Alicia Rothman Onyx

Alicia Rothman '76

(American, born 1952)

Onyx, 2014

Oil on panel

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

I have recently begun to experiment with transfer techniques,

handmade silkscreens, and resists on panels. All of this

is to create light and form in space. Works are mostly

oil on panel. Many works use horses as subject and other

animals. Influences include ancient fresco wall paintings,

Tang Dynasty horses, Sienese art, Medieval and Renaissance

art and 20th-century painting.

I also make stencils and use printmaking techniques

similar to aquatint, in order to create atmospheric

tones, and use stamps, combs and scrapers to remove paint.

I try to be spontaneous while also maintaining the control

of drawing and intricate patterns. Horses have been a

subject of fascination for me for almost 15 years.

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