Debra Swack Short

Debra Swack-Short '80


(American, born 1958)

Animal Patterning Project, 2014

Video and digital prints

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

An animal's patterning serves practical purposes; camouflage allows

the animal to blend into its environment, while unique patterning

can signal that it is poisonous. Either characteristic enables an animal

to avoid being detected or eaten by its predators. The video and

digital prints on view are part of the "Animal Patterning Project,"

an immersive, interactive, multi-channel, synthetic bio-art software

derived animation, virtual sculpture (if wrapped around objects

including parts or all of an entire building) and digital print project that

explores the notion of genetically altering animal skin patterning to

make it more aesthetically attractive for human exploitation, including

their use in garments and accessories. The project also explores the

role of the animal in the urban environment. What happens if an

animal's natural habitat is destroyed by urbanization what happens

to the displaced animal? The animal can be re-introduced virtually by

projecting the ghost/digital likeness of an animal's patterning onto the

urban environment that it once inhabited. It may also be permanently

integrated architecturally, in the form of a LED animated moving mural.

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