John Ros

John Ros '00

(American, born 1978)

untitled: compilation/collection, 2014

Mixed media installation

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

These materials have been collected, shaped, re-shaped, re-used and

used again. they have traveled through time, changed their purpose,

placement and meaning. recycled humble pieces of my own detritus

lay as reference, silencing the stimulation of mass media with scrutiny

to the over-consumption of the corporate culture.

These boxes contain artwork. does it cease being artwork when it is out

of view or in a storage/travel container? less than 1% of the world's

art is on view at any given time; over 60% of the art in storage gets

damaged by improper handling. the duality of the utility of art and the

utility of practice operate in tandem as the continuous push-pull frames

endless contradictions.

In a continual site-responsive process i move materials throughout

specific places, which results in reductive spaces and objects. the

tensions created by the actual shifts of material creates a potential,

which is the focal point of the environment and the place where

awareness is activated. consciousness of this tension brings potential

to form through the perceptual shifts in the moments between objects

and spaces. silence helps quiet the noise allowing us to become better

aware of each surrounding subtlety. awareness is the greatest tool to

uncovering the power of potential.

Last Updated: 9/29/22