Karen Kaapcke

Karen Kaapcke '86

(American, born 1962)

Destiny, 2004

Oil on linen


World-View, 2010

Oil on panel

Courtesy of the artist

 Artist's Statement:

As an "Experiential Realist," my concern is to develop the traditional

media of painting and drawing to a point where they become portals

to the deep, emotional experience of contemporary life. I believe that

when highly developed skills are put to responding to the world or to

the environment, they can serve a greater purpose – a purpose that

moves beyond merely perpetuating those skills in a hermetic way and

beyond creating decorative objects. A work that responds to the lived

and felt dimension can become immediate visual poetry, visual music.

It can touch one in the gut and perhaps change one's world. At the very

least, it might make one feel tenderness in a small, private way, if for

just one moment.

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