Kaya Wielolpolski

Kaya R. Wielopolski '97

(American, born 1974)

View III - Bridge, 2009

Screen print and mixed media on paper

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

New York City, or any city, is filled with patterns and patterned

structures designed to lend overall order to a space inhabited by

humans. Many of these organizing – sometimes humongous, often

purely functional – structures cut into negative space, the land and the

sky, with such force that they dominate my spatial understanding of

the city. My current work breaks with this large-scale organizational

patterning. It focuses on the intimate pattern and design of smaller

building blocks (which, in turn, make up seemingly monolithic edifices).

I pay equal attention to these. Often precise and particular, sometimes

playful, historic, or needless, these building blocks override the sheer

size of the unified whole and bring balance and order to my view of the city.


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