Kevin Dartt

Kevin Knigge Dartt '11

(American, born 1985)

Seeds, 2013


Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

This work attempts to confront our expanding knowledge and use of

new technology in our society. Our current practices can be beneficial,

but can also at times be enigmatic. Scientists have a system of revealing

the unknown as they try to explain the essence of things; these, at the

same time, open new mysteries. For me, contemporary art practices

are similar to the sciences. They share a goal to explore the essence

and the mysterious nature of things. These two practices have an

amazing relationship to each other: they can criticize and collaborate,

come together then apart, but remain tied together however faint

the connections. This interaction is most interesting to me and I try

to capture these qualities in my sculptures by juxtaposing aesthetics,

intentions and the material of an object.


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