Kirsten Moran

Kirsten Moran '95

(American, born 1971)

Untitled (Ruin 1), 2011

Oil on canvas

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

I am drawn emotionally to the physical beauty of women and by the

power they possess. My women are weighty and vast to represent their

far-reaching influence. I employ circular and compulsive mark making

that repeats and mimics both the mounds and hills of the landscape

of my youth and, of course, a woman's body. This instinctual necessity

has its roots deep in my psyche and unites me synergistically to the

long line of women who came before me, both blood and unknown


Most recently the surfaces of the paintings have become more fluid,

expansive, and objects in and of themselves. The materiality of the

paint evokes stone, water or earth – referring to our prehistoric past

when these elements helped shape our daily lives more directly. There

is a reverence to these elements and to the body that allows me to

continue the dialogue between the corporeal body we inhabit and the

soul that inhabits us.

In my paintings I intuitively explore the history of girls and women

from corporeal, environmental, and psychological perspectives. The

paintings reflect a journey with ancient ancestral roots: a matrilineage

that connects us all through our bodies, the land, and psyche. These

are the archetypes that bind us together psychologically and ask us

not only to acknowledge, but to welcome back and to seek out the



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