Lisa Iglesias

Lisa Iglesias '01

(American, born 1979)

Tabernacle, 2013

Graphite on paper

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

Rather than operating along a linear path, my work is based on

constellations of associations, cycling toward an internal syntax.

Materials and meaning bounce back and forth between projects at

staggered rates of tempo. Concrete-slab paintings, graphite renderings

and stop-motion animations reflect my interest in exploring the

personal and geological act of creation and construction. The mark

of my hand, varying temporal scales, and the isolation of imagery all

harken to my curiosity with repetition and time.

With Tabernacle (2013), I question the definitions of drawing and

play with gestures of counterfeit and the futility of repetition. The

work is essentially a graphite drawing, a reproduction of a blackened

plank of wood. Comprised of a framed section and a plank that hovers

diagonally off the supporting wall, Tabernacle is made by hand which

speaks to the impossibility of replication.


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