Matthew Zupnick

Matthew Zupnick '83

(American, born 1961)

Cup and Ball, 2010

Bronze and steel

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

The primary motivation and inspiration for my artwork are historical

events, current world affairs, human interaction, and our relationship

with the natural environment. My work is allegorical; images and

symbols have a literary quality. I like to think that my artwork

encourages the viewer to engage in the narratives that I create, though

I purposely leave the stories open ended to allow viewers to form their

own conclusions.

My sculptures wed traditional materials with found objects and familiar

forms. Although many works are inspired by my concerns about

historical and current events, they are intentionally illusive and difficult

to associate with a specific time or location. Many of the inspirations

for my art recur in history and therefore seem timeless. The toy that

children play with inspired the form for my sculpture, Cup and Ball. My

approach to this game is more adult, and obviously not as much fun as

the original game. Tossing a heavy bronze human head into a steel cup

can be a dangerous game to play – not only physically, but mentally as



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