Shelley Haven

Shelley Haven '73

(American, born 1951)

Bernese Oberland II, 2011

Oil on linen

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

The series of paintings, "Bernese Oberland," was inspired by my hiking

experiences in the Swiss Alps recently and from several decades earlier.

In these works, I explore the relationships between earth and stone,

sky and water as I experienced the local geography, the weather,

the effects of climate change, and the passage of time. The Bernese

Oberland is a place of awe-inspiring beauty and power that also reveals

nature's vulnerability as glaciers recede.

Remembered moments inspire my work – when a particular light and

atmosphere transformed the landscape. I explore a fleeting reality

where color, form, sound and smell interact. Here, I can merge the

abstract with the figurative, space with the object, the mundane with

the spiritual. Using the filters of time and memory as my guide, I build

delicate layers of color and mark. These reveal the poetry of rhythms

that weave through this place of nature and invite quiet meditation.

I begin each work by recollecting a moment and allow my memory to

meander with time's passing. I thrive on the ambiguity of past, present

and future, and work from what seems real, knowing that all is elusive

and transitory.


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