Steven Rushefsky

Steven Rushefsky '79

(American, born 1958)

Paris Doorway, 2013

Pencil and acrylic on paper

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

I used to draw OR paint. My work transformed when I began to

combine the two. Using pencil and acrylic, I layer drawing on top of

painting and begin the process anew. The artwork thus "stays alive"

longer. My intent is for the final work to retain the energy that went

into making it.

I am inspired by both representational artists whose work shows a

sense of struggle and abstract artists whose work is visually rich and

tells a story. I strive to combine the strengths of representation and


I create images that I find visually compelling – rooms, gardens,

buildings and people. These images engage me before, during and after

the process of creating the artwork.

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