Sydell Glasser '04

(American, born 1981)

A Horse for Basquiat, 2013

Collage and mixed media

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

In order to combine the raw expressive qualities of monotype and

oil inks, pentimenti of drawings, jagged outlines of collage, and the

liquidity of acrylic wash, I seek surfaces that allow me to manipulate

images, push inks and scratch with charcoal. I need to feel my

options are open. My work is about the process and the push to lose

conventional representation. I refrain from considering any piece

precious; they can all be wiped away, drawn over, or made better

by adding something new or taking something away. By working in

this way, I am able to view the world differently. A highway overpass

becomes dry brush strokes, liquid washes form drip-like lowlights on a

figure, or a shadow forms from a collaged piece between a horse and a

barn. The story of a place or figure hides behind its surface appearance,

but it is there that we can find beauty, simple or profound.

Last Updated: 9/29/22