Victoria Mealey

Victoria Mealey '12

(American, born 1991)

Dahlia, 2013

Pencil on paper

Courtesy of the artist

Artist's Statement:

Art is a way to express yourself, your emotions, your thoughts.

Whether is it chaos that controls you or a dark period in your life, art

is a way to help yourself find peace within it all. There is beauty in

everything we see, we just need to look at it in the right light, so to

speak. Find the right perspective and it will be stunningly beautiful. But

in order to find that beauty, one must dig through everything to be at



To me, drawing is the one thing that is constant. Drawing has its

challenges, its rough spots. You can start creating a beautiful piece only

to want to tear it to shreds when it is done and start over in order to

find the perfect way to express yourself or to express the beauty of the

subject of the drawing.


The more complex the object is, the more I need to concentrate, to

get the correct shading, the correct line, the correct texture. That

is not to say it will succeed or as I had imagined it. But somehow,

the concentration, the effort, comes through in the drawing. The

more complex the subject, the greater the struggle. The longer the

concentration, the more time is required – all to reach that level of

peace and beauty.


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