exploring america

Armin Landeck, Manhattan Nocturne, 1938, drypoint. 2016.4.19. Gift of Gil and Deborah Williams.


Exploring America through Art, 1919-1945
from the Binghamton University Art Museum and the Roberson Museum


A “Bridge Ahead” grant from the Art Bridges foundation has enabled the Binghamton University Art Museum to partner with the Roberson Museum and Science Center on a project that highlights American works of art created in the years between World War I and II, roughly 1919–1945. During Phase I, art history professor Tom McDonough has collaborated with visiting history professor Chelsea C. Gibson by selecting, researching and documenting works from these collections, as well as objects held by the Broome County Historical Society and New Deal public murals in Greater Binghamton. The aim is to create a portal with digital images, object descriptions and short thematic essays that will be digitally accessible to a wide audience, including middle- and high-school teachers and students in our region. Themes include: Americans abroad, city life, everyday Americans, government-sponsored art projects, labor and protest, views of African-American life, rural life, wartime, the American West, women’s world and work, and the growth of distinctly American modern art. Phase II of the project will address in-person visits and focus more narrowly on wedding content to curriculum.

To support greater access to the holdings of the Binghamton University Art Museum, the “Bridge Ahead” grant has also provided funds to upgrade the museum’s database and to acquire new software which will allow the public to view online nearly 4,000 objects from the permanent collection.


Last Updated: 11/3/20