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Binghamton University offers hundreds of opportunities for you to get involved. Search the organizations and events directories to get started in B-Engaged.

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B-Engaged serves as a single, online source of information for all university recognized groups to promote events, run reports, communicate with members and more. Connect today!



B-Engaged showcases all of your out-of-classroom experiences while you're a student at Binghamton University by creating a Co-Curricular Transcript.

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More than 480 involvement opportunities exist on B-Engaged, from university recognized groups to community service and internship opportunities! Log in today!

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B-Engaged Facts*

  • 88% of undergraduates

participated in co-curricular experiences

  • 73% of first-year students

logged in to B-Engaged by the end of their first semester

 *2017-18 Academic Year

Last Updated: 8/10/18