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Events in B-Engaged

B-Engaged is a web based platform that promotes and records opportunities for students' involvement in extra and co-curricular activities. Promoting events is one function within B-Engaged.

Events  submitted through B-Engaged flow to the University Events (web based and mobile) calendar, and distributed to students daily through email , unless specified that the event audience is only a specific organization (e.g. Awesome People Society only). Similar to other University calendar submission processes, events are reviewed for approval/denial and may be edited to comply with University calendar formatting (e.g. date/time format, typographical errors) if approved. All events must be affiliated with a recognized student organization or university department/program.

Less Effort, More Marketing

Broaden your Student  Audience with a few clicks

Your approved event will be posted on the B-Engaged home and event page, University Calendar and B- Mobi. Every weekday students will receive the B-Engaged Calendar email listing events for that day and the following day. On Friday events from Friday- Monday will be included in the email.

Selected events are also tweeted from @BEngaged_Bing and @binghamtonu, and shareable on any social media site. Once fully operational, the University electronic message boards will also carry events that were created in B-Engaged.

No Need for Multiple Event Submissions

Creating an event in B-Engaged automatically places it in calendars without double or triple entry!  There is little effort involved to add the event to a Google Calendar, often used by departments and organizations to publicize the event. Rather than creating the event  first in a Google Calendar, and then in B-Engaged, starting the creation in B-Engaged allows for the event to be shareable in a Google Calendar without re-entry.

Viewing Events

Events can be seen on the University Events Calendar and within B-Engaged. Both calendars have search capability by keyword, date and category. Event flyers are displayed on the B-Engaged home and event pages. Students that have completed their "interests" in their B-Engaged Profile will also see "recommended events" on by selecting "Recommendations" as a Filter on the Event page. These recommendations are those that reflect their selected interests.

  • University Events Calendar-
  • B-Engaged Events Calendar- /

B-Engaged Calendar email distribution 

The B-Engaged Calendar, formerly called the B-Line Calendar, will begin its 2016-2017 academic year e-mail distribution to students Friday, Aug. 19, and will continue daily when classes are in session.

Events will appear  the day before and the day of your event if it meets the following criteria (On Friday events from Friday- Monday will be included in the email)

  • Event is visible to either "Anyone in the world" or "Students & staff at Binghamton University"
  • Event has at least 1 event category 
  • Event is approved before the emailed calendar is distributed 

To maximize the likelihood that your event is included in the email, we recommend submitting your event for approval no later than 8 a.m., 2 business days before the event will occur. Early submission is highly encouraged.

 These topics should answer most of your questions, but we encourage you to contact us at if you need further clarification or would like to provide comments.


Last Updated: 8/24/16