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Involvement Transcript

What is it?

B-Engaged showcases all of your out-of-classroom experiences while you're a student at Binghamton University by creating an Involvement Transcript highlighting:

  • Participation in organizations or activities
  • Events and programs you have attended
  • Community service
  • Honors, awards, certifications and recognition
  • Leadership activities
  • Internships and assistantships
  • On-campus employment

Why use it?

The Involvement Transcript is a way to keep track of all of your activities, which you may not remember. Use it to create a résumé or for interview preparation. Your official Involvement Transcript document is often part of on-campus application processes. Stand out and show off your accomplishments with an Involvement Transcript complete with reflection statements. Show who you really are!

How to use it?

Many experiences are already pre-loaded into your Involvement Transcript to make it easy for you to customize. You can add missing experiences and customize what is already listed to best suit your needs. Log into B-Engaged and go to "Involvement" to see what is already there!

We're Here to Help

The following tutorials were created to help you navigate B-Engaged and explore how you can create and take advantage of your Involvement Transcript. These topics should answer most of your questions, but if you need further clarification or would like to provide comments, we encourage you to email us at

Tell Us About Your Success Stories

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Last Updated: 3/11/19