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Binghamton University offers almost limitless possibilities for you to get involved! We invite you to explore campus happenings and events, Student Association organizations, internships, awards, volunteer projects and more. You can find groups or events that meet your interests by creating and ranking your interests in your "Profile" on B-Engaged.

We're Here to Help

The following tutorials were created to help you navigate B-Engaged, discover involvement opportunities, and make the best use of B-Engaged. These topics should answer most of your questions, but we encourage you to contact us at bengaged@binghamton.edu if you need further clarification or would like to provide comments.

Tell Us About Your Success Stories

If you'd like to share a success story on how B-Engaged has helped you market your skills, we'd like to hear about it! Contact us at bengaged@binghamton.edu.

Last Updated: 7/17/15