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Selected Publications

Below are some of our publications in academic research journals, containing results of past studies. If you are a parent, please check out the Studies page under "For Parents".

Zack, E., Gerhardstein, P., Meltzoff, A.M., & Barr, R. (in press). 15-month-olds' transfer of learning between touch screen and real-world displays: Language cues and cognitive load. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology. 

Dickerson, K., Gerhardstein, P., Zack, E. & Barr, R. (2012). Age-related changes in learning across early childhood: A new imitation task. Developmental Psychobiology, online early view.

Gerhardstein, P., Tse, J., Dickerson, K., Hipp, D., & Moser, A. (2012). The human visual system uses a global closure mechanism. Vision Research, 71, 18-27.

Gerhardstein, P., Dickerson, K., Miller, S., & Hipp., D. (2012). Early operant learning is unaffected by socio-economic status and other demographic factors: A meta-analysis. Infant Behavior and Development, 35, 472-478.

Zack, E., Barr, R., Gerhardstein, P., Dickerson, K., & Meltzoff, A.N. (2009). Infant imitation from television using novel touch-screen technology. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 27, 13-26.

Baker, T,. Tse, J., Gerhardstein, P., & Adler, S. (2008). Contour integration by 6-month-old infants: Discrimination of distinct contour shapes. Vision Research, 48, 136-148.

Kraebel, West, Gerhardstein (2007). The influence of training views on infant's long-term memory for simple 3D shapes. Developmental Psychobiology, 49, 406-420.

Gerhardstein, P., Kraebel, K., & Tse, J. (2006). Using operant techniques with human infants. Behavioral Analyst Today, 7, 56-69.

Kraebel, K. & Gerhardstein, P. (2006). Three-month-olds’ recognition of multi-part objects across viewpoint. Infant Behavior and Development, 29, 11-23.

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Gerhardstein, P., Kovacs, I., Ditre, J., & Feher, A. (2004). Detection of contour continuity and closure in 3-month-olds. Vision Research, 44, 2981-2988.

Kraebel, K.S., Fable, J., & Gerhardstein, P. (2004). New methodology in infant operant kicking procedures: computerized stimulus control and computerized measurement of kicking. Infant Behavior and Development, 27, 1-18.

Gerhardstein, P., Kraebel, K., Gillis, J., & Lassiter, S. (2002). Visual search for high-level configural differences as well as low-level critical features is highly efficient early in childhood. Developmental Psychobiology, 41, 241-252.

Gerhardstein, P., & Rovee-Collier, C. (2002). The development of visual search in infants and very young children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 81, 194-215.

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