Well-being Grant


The goal of the Healthy Campus Initiative is to cultivate a culture and environment of health and well-being that is supportive of individuals and groups in pursuit of their optimal potential.  The Well-being Grant is intended to provide supplemental financial support to those seeking to further this mission by generating opportunities and programs that promote collaborative efforts on campus aimed at improving the health and well-being of our community.  The goal of this funding is to support campus allies prepared to take this active role and connect them with the necessary resources and partnerships needed for success.


  • Health and well-being focused initiatives which support students, faculty, and staff are eligible for consideration.
  • Any Binghamton University student, faculty, or staff is eligible to apply.
  • Departments, SA chartered clubs, recognized organizations or teams of individuals may also apply. Submissions from collaborative groups or teams are highly encouraged.
  • Healthy Campus Agents are encouraged to apply for funding to support departmental initiatives.


  1. Funding will be awarded to a maximum of $1,000 per proposal. Each proposal is reviewed and considered on an individual basis.
  2. Submit Application
    1. Applications must be submitted to bhealthy@binghamton.edu.
    2. There is a rolling deadline. Proposals are due by 11:59pm on the first day of each month from September to April.
    3. Submission must be made at least 4 weeks before the suggested activity/event.
    4. No funding will be given to activities held prior to the submission and review of the application.
    5. If applying as a team, a leader must be identified in the submitted proposal. The team leader will be the only point of contact regarding the grant status.
    6. Unsuccessful applicants will be given the opportunity to revise their plans based on feedback provided, and to re-apply at a future date.
  3. Grant Pre-approval Hearings
    1. If the HCI Grant Committee has questions for you or your team regarding your proposal, you may be contacted by a designated member of the committee.
  4. Post-Initiative Meeting Follow-up
    1. Grant recipients may be invited to a post-initiative meeting with the HCI Grant Committee following the submission of the Project Evaluation, which is due 10 days after the completion of the initiative.
    2. The Project Evaluation and Financial Report must be completed before your meeting and you should be prepared to present them at the meeting.
    3. Failure to comply with any HCI Wellness Grant policies or procedures or the original proposal terms may result in:
      1. Funding reimbursement may be withheld due to non-compliance.
      2. Ineligibility to apply for grants the remainder of the academic year.

Judging Criteria

  1. The following areas will be given funding priority:
    1. Initiatives with a direct correlation or impact to one or more of the HCI’s Strategic Plan objectives. 
    2. Initiatives that make important contributions to support student and/or faculty/staff wellness at Binghamton University.
    3. Collaborative initiatives that build partnerships and engage a broad audience on campus.
    4. Consideration for how the initiative outcomes will be measured/evaluated, as well as sustainability of the initiative.
    5. Overall quality of work presented.
  2. The application must demonstrate that current students, faculty and/or staff are the primary audience/beneficiaries of the initiative.
  3. All initiatives and/or events should be free or low-cost for Binghamton University students.
  4. The application must demonstrate how the initiative promotes: student development, student retention, enhances diversity, benefits the campus community and/or creates a culture supportive of optimal health and wellness.
  5. The Project Evaluation should demonstrate how the initiative met the intended goals.
  6. The HCI Grant Committee is responsible for making funding recommendations to the HCI Steering Committee Chair. Final decisions will be approved by the Assistant Vice President for Health and Wellness.


  1. Well-being Grants can be used to fund no more than 75% of the total budget for an event/initiative costing over $100 total. If the event/initiative total budget is less than $100, the Well-being Grant can be used to fund the entire cost.
  2. Funding will not be awarded for stipends for any Binghamton University student, faculty, or staff member.
  3. Funding is not intended for start-up or general operating costs.
  4. Well-being Grant funds will be reimbursed to the organization after the event has occurred.
  5. Recurring or on-going initiatives must show demonstration of improvement/ impact in order to be eligible for grant funding.
  6. Events held as fundraisers for the purpose of generating revenue for a group or philanthropic causes are not eligible for grant funding.
  7. Funded programs must acknowledge the HCI Well-being Grant and B-Healthy logo on all advertising and publications for the event.
  8. Well-being Grant awards will be based solely on the content of the proposal submitted.
  9. Any changes to the proposed initiative once approved for funding must be submitted and approved by the HCI Grant Committee in advance.
  10. Past Well-being Grant award winners are not necessarily guaranteed new awards. The HCI Grant Committee maintains the right to limit how many awards the same individual, department or group may receive.
  11. Well-being Grant funding is limited each academic year. The total grant funding will be split between two semesters. No further grant applications will be accepted in a given semester/academic year after all funds have been exhausted.

Tips to Consider

  1. Well-being Grant applications should be concise and include full details of your event/initiative plans.
  2. Review the Well-being Grant policies and procedures PRIOR to submitting your application online.
  3. Be familiar with the Well-being Grant due dates. Grant applications submitted farther in advance of the initiative, and earlier in the academic year may have better odds of being funded. Grant applications must be submitted AT LEAST 4 weeks prior to your event.
  4. Groups must account for several weeks of processing between when a submission is received and when they are notified of a grant award.

Apply Now

Project Evaluation and Financial Report

  1. Project Evaluations must be completed and submitted to the HCI Grant Committee no later than 10 days after the conclusion of the initiative.  
  2. All Project Evaluations must include a completed Financial Report showing how all Well-being Grant funds were utilized compared to the application’s initial Financial Forecast.  The HCI Grant Committee may request additional backup paperwork (i.e. receipts, orders, etc.) at the post-meeting based on the final Financial Report submitted.

Evaluation forms

 For questions, please contact bhealthy@binghamton.edu