The Healthy Campus Initiative has been charged by the vice president for student affairs and is supervised by the assistant vice president for health and wellness. The structure of B-Healthy consists of the following subgroups:

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of members of senior management in student life and academic affairs, as well as campus leaders in health and wellness-focused departments. This board provides strategic direction for integrating the Healthy Campus tenets into Binghamton University's educational mission by developing policies and programs to enhance the academic environment.

Executive Board Chair

  • Johann Fiore-Conte, Assistant Vice President for Health and Wellness


  • Brian Rose, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • JoAnn Navarro, Vice President for Operations
  • Mario Ortiz, Dean, Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Dean of Students
  • Kimberly Peabody, Director of Health Promotion and Prevention Services

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team consists of the steering committee chair and the subcommittee chairs, along with student representation. This team provides oversight for and may share committee work with team members.

Leadership Team Chair

Johann Fiore-Conte, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Chief Health and Wellness Officer


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves as the campus-wide leadership board for the Healthy Campus Initiative. It consists of representatives from numerous departments and programs and reflects our cross-divisional collaborations.

Steering Committee Chair

  • TBD