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11,050 Attendances

The number of attendances at Late Nite Events last year, a 53% increase from the previous year!

203 Students

The number of students in the Binghamton Advantage Program that transferred to Binghamton University in Fall 2018! (91% success rate)

978 Students

The number of students that registered to vote in 2017! (That's an 87% increase since 2015)

93 Percent

The percent of faculty and staff who agree that their health and wellness impacts student success and learning! (2018 NFSHA Report)

142,047 Calories

The amount of calories burned on the Gotcha Bikes in the Spring 2018 semester!

84 Percent

The percentage of students from the Class of 2020 who participated in at least one recreational activity or program during the 16-17 academic year!

12,524 Students

The amount of students who participated in at least one REACH Peer Educator sponsored program during the 16-17 academic year!

3,057 Students 

The amount of students who participated in intramurals during the 17-18 academic year! (8% increase from last year!)

8,428 Condoms

The amount of condoms distributed by the Health Education Office during the fall 2017 semester! 

Stop the Bleed

Binghamton University is the first campus in New York State (and one of the first in the country) to implement the "Stop the Bleed" program!

93 Percent

The percentage of Binghamton University professors who hold the highest degree offered in their field!

2,000 Pounds

The amount of compostable waste collected each day from campus dining halls, eateries and the teaching greenhouse throughout the academic year! 

91.7 Percent

The percentage of freshman in the 2015 cohort at Binghamton University who returned for their sophomore year! 

293,440 Calories

The amount of calories burned during the 2017 Fall Frenzy Expresso Bike Challenge. Over 100 riders logged 8,614 total miles throughout the 5-week challenge, making Binghamton University the National Champions!

1,049 Students

The amount of students who enrolled in an Academic Service-Learning course or a Community-Engaged Learning course during the 2016-2017 academic year.

95 Worksite Seminars

The amount of health and wellness worksite seminars sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) last year, including 2 flu vaccination clinics and 13 tobacco cessation/information sessions. 

26 Percent

The percentage of freshman and transfer students who attended the Summer 2016 orientation that are first generation college students!

3,212 Hours

The number of community service hours that were completed in the 2016-2017 academic year through Hinman's ALIVE program! (Achieving Leadership in Volunteer Experiences)

223 Students

The number of students who joined the Outdoors Club in the 2016-2017 academic year, making it the club sport with the most registered participants! 

Over 30 lbs

The amount of fresh fish that is prepared in the Chenango Room every Wednesday to serve to hungry customers!  

600 gallons

The amount of water that is infused with fresh fruits per week in four resident dining centers and the Marketplace!

172,920,858 steps

The number of steps reported through the Steps to B-Healthy Walking Program by 199 current members in 2016.*

*Register for Steps to B-Healthy here.

703 students

The number of students who attended one of the four Stress Relief Dog programs sponsored by Residential Life in the Fall 2016 semester.*

*Visit the BARK-9 Therapy Dogs at the Health Fair! Come down to the East Gym on  Wednesday, Mar. 22 from 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM. Admission is FREE! Learn more here 

918 desserts

The number of Under 150 Calorie Desserts which were sold in the Fall 2016 semester. Oatmeal Raisin Cranberry Cookies were the most popular! Learn more about the Plus1 Under 150 Calorie Desserts here

98 percent

The percentage of freshmen who agree that Binghamton University is concerned with their personal health and wellness, according to this year's Orientation survey. This is a 3% increase from the 2014-15 Orientation survey!

93.3 percent

The amount of students who participated in a 20:1 Sexual Assault Prevention Program that felt they had a better understanding of consent.

Over 11,000

The number of players who rented bowling shoes in the University Union last year, a 117% increase from the year before. Bowling is back!

1,338 intramural games

The number of intramural games played by 2,612 unique players - that's students, faculty and staff - during Campus Recreation's 2015-16 seasons. 

100 percent

The amount of food sold at the Roots Café in the Food Co-Op (UU30) that is organic, vegan and/or gluten free. 

491 programs

The number of programs and community builders that were hosted by Residential Life staff during the 2015-16 year. 54 of these programs focused on diversity.

161 students

The number of students who tutored and mentored youth in five local school districts, contributing more than 1,341 hours of service through the Center for Civic Engagement’s Community Schools and Youth Programs initiative.

More than 17 tons

The amount of household items, e-waste, food and textbooks that were collected and donated during the spring 2016 Ditch the Dumpster residence hall clean-out. 

7,500 students

The number of students provided consultations at the University Counseling Center in 2014-15.

100 percent

The percentage of staff members in the Division of Student Affairs who completed First Responder training in 2014-15. 

100 pounds

The amount of organic greens - such as kale, swiss chard and spinach - consumed weekly at Gifts from the Garden vegan station in College-in-the-Woods Dining Center. 

More than 8,000 students

The amount of students who attended 350+ career development programs and workshops in 2014-15.

480 students

The number of students that have enrolled in the Mental Health Advocate (MHA)* series since its inception in August 2015.

*MHA is a non-academic bearing certificate series designed to empower students to become educated on mental health awareness, increase access to resources to those who need them, and create an environment on campus that is open to discussion and peer support. Find out more on B-Engaged through the Mental Health Outreach Peer Educators organization.

48 gender neutral bathrooms

The number of gender neutral bathrooms added across campus including at least one in 18 facilities on campus. Visit here for a listing of locations.

2 General Education credits

The minimum number of credits Binghamton University requires all undergraduates to complete for physical activity and wellness. Binghamton University is the only SUNY school that requires this!

22,758 pounds

The amount of household items recycled and donated after students moved out of residence halls in the spring.

200+ programs

The number of programs offered by student-based groups this year, focusing on one of six area of wellness*:

  • 28% on knowledge acquisition
  • 25% on physical health/nutrition
  • 25% on emotional/mental health
  • 14% on social health and
  • 4% on vocational planning and spiritual health

*This does not include department-sponsored programs.

3,320 lbs of food

The amount of food donated to CHOW (The Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse of Broome County) as part of CCE's Binghamton University Ditch the Dumpster Initiative!

75,673,739 steps

The number of steps taken by the over 180 currently registered members of Steps to B-Healthy - the University walking program - since April 2014.

300+ students

The number of students who attended at least one Outdoor Pursuits adventure with Campus Recreation in 2014-15. More than 30 went on two or more trips.

95 Flags

The number of flags that will hang in the Events Center during commencement. The flags represent the diverse countries that Binghamton University students come from.

88% of students

The percentage of students who report learning skills to better cope with their emotional health by attending 3+ sessions with the University Counseling Center.

11,000 meals

The number of meals converted from 8,000 pounds of leftovers donated by the Binghamton University chapter of the Food Recovery Network in Fall 2014.

11 miles

The length of all the trails that run through the wooded areas on campus.

100 / 100 / 150 calories

The average calories found in 1 oz of spirits (100) / 5 oz of wine (100) / 12 oz of beer (150).

1.3 miles

The distance you walk in 1 loop around the University brain.


Last Updated: 11/10/18