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Developing initiatives to reach students throughout their college years

Partnership for Healthier America

The PHA is devoted to working with the private sector to ensure the health of our nation’s youth by solving the childhood obesity crisis. First Lady Michelle Obama serves as honorary chair of the PHA. Its latest initiative is a partnership with 26 colleges and universities, including Binghamton University, aimed at making our nation’s campuses healthier by adopting guidelines around food and nutrition, physical activity and programming.

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Admissions pedometer programs to introduce Healthy Campus principles to prospective students and families

Each visiting family receives a pedometer to track their steps during the tour while guides discuss the goals of B-Healthy and the importance of staying physically active at college. The Healthy Campus message is also incorporated into freshman and transfer Orientations by Orientation Advisors, information in residence halls and resources at the Campus Services Fair. Sodexo offers healthier food options at all Orientation meals and B-Healthy sponsors activities for parents including yoga, disc golf and running.

Healthy Campus messages are incorporated into freshman and transfer Orientations

B-Healthy works with New Student Programs to incorporate the Healthy Campus message into freshman and transfer Orientations. Information is disseminated by the Orientation Advisors, in residence halls and at the Campus Services Fair. We have coordinated with Binghamton University Dining Services by Sodexo to offer healthier food options at all Orientation meals for students and families. B-Healthy has also sponsored activities for parents including yoga, disc golf and running.

Plus1 campaign to add one healthy option —a wellness meal; fruit, veggie or whole grain; or water — a day

Adding just one healthy option a day — i.e. one wellness meal; one fruit, veggie and/or wholegrain; or one glass of water — can help maintain a healthy weight, decrease the chance of getting sick and improve mental health. The Plus1 campaign is available in all resident dining centers across campus. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to take the Plus1 Challenge — a pledge to add at least one healthy option every day.

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Mileage markers, hiking trails and bike paths installed across campus to encourage physical activity

The Steps to B-Healthy Walking program tracks member progress as they compete in monthly step contests. Dedication and progress are rewarded with incentives and helpful tips and tricks to stay motivated. In an effort to meet our PHA guidelines and encourage the campus to walk more, B-Healthy mileage markers with step counts will be installed across campus on popular pathways. We are also designating B-Healthy parking spots, encouraging people to be positive about parking farther away!

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Mental Health Advocate Certificate Program

MHA is a non-academic bearing certificate series designed to educated students on mental health awareness, increase access to resources to those who need them, and create an environment on campus that is open to discussion and peer support. The MHA Certificate program consists of five components relative to mental health which include Stigma and University Counseling Center (UCC) Awareness, Suicide Awareness/Prevention, Interpersonal Skills, Life Skills, and Mental Health Awareness. Since its inception in August 2015, nearly 500 students have enrolled in the program.

Last Updated: 4/21/16