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Plus1 Water

You need 9-13 cups of water each day!

Poor hydration can result in fatigue and lower levels of concentration which reduce alertness, reaction times, coordination, and mathematical and decision-making abilities. By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already slightly dehydrated, so keep a water bottle with you at all times and drink up!

Looking for a burst of flavor? Toss in a few cubes of watermelon, strawberries or mango. Spruce it up with herbs such as mint or basil. Did you know switching from a 20 oz. sugary beverage (e.g., soda, lemonade, cran-apple juice) to water can save 250 calories and 16 tsp. of sugar?

You are made of 50-60% water. Water is in almost every part of your body.

It provides:

  • Saliva so we can swallow

  • Lubricants for our joints

  • and tears for our eyes

  • Liquid in blood

  • Nutrient absorption and transportation

  • Chemical reactions in cells

  • Elimination of waste materials

  • Circulation of hormones

  • Regulation of body temperature

Because a well-hydrated body = a healthier you!

Look for our Plus1 Water signs around campus as a reminder to drink up.

Last Updated: 4/21/16