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Logo and brand guidelines

Application and standards

The B-Healthy logo is the visual representation of the Binghamton University Healthy Campus Initiative. There are several approved versions, designed to be easily adaptable for use in a wide range of media. It is important that the proportion and content of the logo not be altered.


PMS 342PMS 342
CMYK: 100C 0M 68Y 42K
RGB: 0R 106G 77B

PMS 367PMS 367
CMYK: 25C 0M 60Y 0K
RGB: 201R 208G 76B

PMS 716PMS 716
CMYK: 2C 63M 100Y 0K
RGB: 240R, 123G, 5B

Improper use

  • Reproducing the logo in an unapproved color
  • Altering the placement or proportion of logo elements
  • Condensing, extending, skewing, distorting, manipulating, modifying or redrawing the logo in any way
  • Printing type or other elements inside or over the logo

Logo options

Primary color

Primary Color Logo

black and white

Primary black and white

Secondary color

Secondary Color logo

black and white

Secondary Black and White

Last Updated: 4/21/16