Virtual Wellness Wednesdays

Virtual Wellness Wednesdays

The Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI): B-Healthy is here for you. Life has temporarily changed and as everyone learns to adjust, our goal is to provide quality information and activities for our campus community to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Knowing that everyone is in a different place with concerns, limitations and perspectives — we are aiming broadly.

Below is a list of resources that are offered every week, and you can search by week to explore upcoming and past wellness events. Check out the Activity Library at the bottom of the page for past events, links to online classes, and other resources! This page is routinely updated to provide you with up to date events and information.

Webinar Series 

We are highlighting different webinar series for the remainder of the semester. This month, we are finishing up the most recent webinar series from the Stay Calm and Well Series (Part 4) Evidence-based strategies that work! sponsored by The Ohio State University and their Chief Wellness Officer Bernadette Melnyk. The last two webinars featured are: Faculty's Role in Student Student Mental Health presented by The Mary Christie Institute, and College Students and Mental Health: Confronting an Emerging Crisis presented by Harvard University. 

Check out featured webinars from past months in the "Recorded Webinars" section of the Activity Library.

Meditation Sessions

Breathe Meditate and Relax Meditation Sessions with Dr. Puja Goyal at noon every Wednesday, sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The last session will be held May 12. 

As we look to succeed in our personal and professional lives, we rarely look to increase our capacity in the midst of difficult external circumstances. Neither at home nor in school have we learned how to deal with stress, manage our emotions or tap into our full potential.

During these sessions, we will experience a short glimpse of that potential through the practice of powerful breathing exercises and guided meditation. No prerequisites needed! 

Find Your Fit

Campus Recreational Services at Binghamton University is hosting free fitness classes for all students, faculty, and staff. Check out the classes offered online and be sure to register through B-Engaged to reserve your spot!

Weekly Wellness Topic

From wellness facts, to special days, to additional ways to promote your personal wellness, check back every week for a new wellness topic and resources!

Virtual Wellness Wednesdays: by the Week

Webinar- "Sustainability at Home" with Courtney Woelfl, M.Ed, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, Ohio State Extension in Cuyahoga County.

Meditation Sessions- These weekly meditation sessions will take place on Wednesdays from noon until 12:45 p.m. with Puja Goyal, Assistant Professor of Chemistry throughout the Spring 2021 semester.

Register through the UCTD online calendar. For more information, please contact Mary Ellen Niefer, EAP Coordinator at 777-6650 or at

Find Your Fit- Register through B-Engaged

  • FloatFit, 6 - 6:45 p.m. Wednesdays, East Gym Pool (last class May 19)
  • Qigong, 12:15 - 12:45 p.m., Wednesdays, EG-24 (class will meet outside, weather permitting) (last class May 19)
  • Outdoor Vinyasa Yoga, 4:30 – 5:15 p.m. Friday, Track field (last class May 21)

Weekly Wellness Topic- National Nurses Week (5/6 - 5/12) looks to recognize the important role nurses play in our lives. With over 3 million working nurses in the US today, nurses make up the highest percentage of the US healthcare workforce. If you think nurses are only found in hospitals, then think again! The majority of registered nurses (59%) practice elsewhere, such as nursing homes or on home visits. They work across communities to keep people worldwide happy and healthy. COVID-19 has shown how incredibly important our nurses (and the rest of our healthcare workers) really are -be sure to show some appreciation to any nurses that you know this week! Check out these 7 ways to support nurses in 2021 and how nurses are leading the COVID-19 response around the globe.

 Activity library

  • Virtual Classes

    Get some R&R: Recover and rejuvenate with Campus Recreation

    Spending too much time sitting? It’s time to work out the kinks! This class will incorporate the principles of self-myofascial release, movements to improve mobility and energizing stretches to help your body recover and feel rejuvenated.

    Healing through restorative yoga with Campus Recreation 

    Come reclaim space, ease muscle tension, soothe frayed nerves and invite relaxation into your body in this quiet, simple, almost delicious practice. Restorative yoga works deeply into the body, targeting connective tissues — ligaments, joints, bones and the deep fascia network of the body. Positions are held for longer periods of time, allowing rejuvenation and energy to flow through the body.

    Beginner at-home weight workout with Campus Recreation 

    No weights? No problem. Strength training is a vital component for your overall health. You will learn creative ways to incorporate resistance training at home, even if you don’t have hand weights readily available. This 45-minute class is a beginner program, but appropriate for all fitness levels.

    Smile meditation with Campus Recreation 

    A smile, the universal language of love, is fused with mindful meditation to rejuvenate, heal and nurture us from the inside out. Bring that smiling energy within in this 30-minute session.

    FIT-30 with Campus Recreation

    FIT-30 is a small group training class focused on the utilization of functional movement and equipment, all in 30 minutes. This dynamic program combines intervals of cardio drills and strength training to improve endurance, burn calories and build lean muscle. Whether you’re in a gym, outside, or at home, you can create your own FIT-30 workout. 

    Put on a Happy Qi Face with Campus Recreation

    A smile, the universal language of love, is fused with mindful meditation to rejuvenate, heal and nurture us from the inside out. Bring that smiling energy within in this 30-minute session.

    Yoga for every body with Campus Recreation

    Come reclaim space, ease muscle tension, soothe frayed nerves and invite relaxation into your body in this quiet, simple, almost delicious 30-minute yoga practice.

    Meet at the Barre with Campus Recreation

    Time to belly up to the Barre — the ballet Barre, that is. This 45-minute Barre class can easily be done at home with minimal to no equipment. Barre class infuses principles of ballet, yoga and Pilates to bring you a workout focused on shaping your muscles while increasing your core strength and flexibility.

    Tranquil transformation through Qigong

    Experience the almost magical transformation to tranquility as we explore the effortless flow of easy-to-follow Qigong movements. This practice can balance your well-being, improve your circulation, promote a peaceful mindset and boost your immune system, leaving you with a serene spirit that is rooted and centered, all in 20 minutes.

  • Stretches

    Standing cat cow stretch

    Standing behind your chair for balance, place your hands gently on the back of your chair. Inhale as you expand your chest and tilt your head forward, arching your low back, exhale as you round your back, tuck your chin to your chest and tuck your tailbone under. Complete 5-10 cycles of these movements with your breath.

    Seated figure 4 glute stretch

    Sitting at the edge of your chair, cross one ankle over the opposite thigh. With an elongated spine, lean forward until you feel the stretch in your hip. Hold and then release. Switch sides.

    Upper back release

    Sitting tall in your chair cross one arm over the other and bring the palms of the hands together as your reach forward (as if you were diving into a pool). Let your shoulder blades round and your chin tuck as you reach as far out in front of you as you can. Hold for a few seconds and release.

    Lateral side bend

    Sitting tall in your chair, reach one arm up overhead and exhale as you bend to the side. Keep your shoulders stacked and your hips firmly planted in your chair throughout the stretch.

    Overhead shoulder stretch

    Sitting tall in your chair, interlace your fingers and reach overhead. Reach your arms upwards and bring your shoulders all the way up towards your ears. Keeping your arms extended overhead, release your shoulders and lengthen your neck.

    Chest opener

    Sitting tall at the edge of your seat, grab the back or sides of your chair. Lift your chest up and tip your head gently backward, hold for one breath and return to the start.

    Seated leg lifts

    Sit tall in your chair with both knees bent. Extend one leg, flex your foot (with your toes pointing to the ceiling) and gradually raise that leg up. Lower your leg slowly and repeat. Switch legs and repeat on opposite side.

    Standing leg lifts

    Stand tall with your hands on your hips or out in front of you, toes facing forward. Lift one leg up and out, while shifting your weight to the standing leg. Pulse for 10 counts. Switch sides.

    Seated twist

    Sit tall in your chair with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Align your feet as well as your knees. Bring your hands to rest on your head behind your ears with elbows pointing out to the sides. Inhale and lift one knee up and off your chair. Exhale and twist your torso to bring your opposing elbow near your your lifted knee. Switch sides.

  • Recorded Webinars

    August and September 2020- "Staying Calm and Well in the Midst of the COVID-19 Storm: Evidence-based tactics that work!" Webinar Series (parts 1 and 2)

    These sessions will equip you to build important knowledge and skills to sustain well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each session is delivered by expert faculty who provide practical evidence-based tactics and resources. The skills you learn in this series should build strengths to last well beyond the pandemic. You can view the recorded webinars from Part 1 here and be sure to also check out Part 2 of the series

    This two-part webinar series is sponsored by The Ohio State University and their Chief Wellness Officer Bernadette Melnyk. Melnyk is also the current President of the National Consortium for Building Healthy Academic Communities (BHAC). 

    The Healthy Campus Initiative: B-Healthy has a strong relationship with BHAC. Binghamton University is an institutional member of the consortium; Mario Ortiz, dean of the College of Nursing and Health Science is a BHAC Board member; and Johann Fiore-Conte, Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs and Chief Health and Wellness Officer is on the BHAC Journal Editorial Advisory Board.

    October 2020- The Health Improvement Program (HIP) from Stanford University

    Stanford University's Health Improvement Program (HIP) "has been working to improve the health of the Stanford community and communities around the world since 1983." We have selected a few pre-recorded webinars to highlight and share during October, which are linked below. Be sure to check out the website for other recorded webinars!

    November 2020- Wellbeing Series for Planetary Health from the University of Minnesota's Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing

    This three-part webinar discusses how our health is directly related to climate health and what we can do to help. For the fourth webinar, we featured "Mindfulness Trends in the Workplace" held in September 2020.

    • "Wellbeing Series for Planetary Health • Part One" with Dr. Katherine Wilkinson and Craig Minowa. This episode introduces participants to the ways that we interact with our environment and how this relationship shapes our well-being.
    • "Wellbeing Series for Planetary Health • Part Two" with Teddie Potter, PhD, RN, FAAN, Leah Prussia, DSW, LICSW, SEP, and Vishnu Laalitha Surapaneni, MD. This session includes a panel discussion regarding steps to take to improve planetary and human health.
    • "Wellbeing Series for Planetary Health • Part Three" featured community organizations that are working towards improving planetary health. Leaders also share ways that participants can get involved and work to support these efforts.
    • "Mindfulness Trends in the Workplace" with Alex Haley, JD, MBA and Mariann Johnson focuses on ways to promote mindfulness programs in the workplace. Using evidence-based studies, the webinar discusses ways that have been shown to improve employee well-being.

    December 2020 and January 2021-  Stay Calm and Well Webinar Series Part 3: Evidence-based strategies to beat the winter blues! sponsored by The Ohio State University and their Chief Wellness Officer Bernadette Melnyk.

    February 2021- Worksite Wellness Virtual Workshop Series from the Vermont Department of Health. 

    March 2021: University of Alabama Wellness and Work-Life Webinar Series. These webinars have all been pre-recorded and can be found on the program's YouTube Channel along with other past webinars!

    April 2021- Stay Calm and Well Webinar Series Part 4: Evidence-based strategies that work sponsored by The Ohio State University and their Chief Wellness Officer Bernadette Melnyk.