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Professional Opportunities for Graduates

The B.S. in Biochemistry serves as a springboard from which one can directly enter the labor market, or continue on to post-graduate studies. Because the application of biochemical and molecular biological techniques is so wide-spread today, many areas of endeavor are open to the Biochemistry graduate. These include such "applied" fields as pharmacology, medical diagnostics (human and veterinary), biomaterials engineering, bioremediation of pollution, food and drug regulation, improvement of agricultural plants and livestock through genetic engineering, etc., as well as basic research.

Many entry level jobs are available to Biochemistry graduates in industrial, hospital, governmental, and academic laboratories. However, many more opportunities (as well as higher salaries) are available if you continue your education to the masters or doctoral level. In addition, the B.S. in Biochemistry provides a base for law school (e.g. if you want to practice patent law for a biotechnology company), for medical school, or for business management (who better to run a biotechnology company than an M.B.A. with a B.S. in biochemistry?).

The World Wide Web is an excellent source of information to help you plan your future course, whether it be to continue on to graduate studies, or directly to employment. A few useful resources are listed below.

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