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Requirements for a B.S. in Biochemistry

Program Requirements:

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  • Biology 117 and 118
  • Chemistry 107 and 108 (or 111), 231 (Organic I), 332 (Organic II), 335 (Organic Lab), 361 (Biophysical)
  • BCHM or BIOL 401 (Molecular Genetics, formerly 301), 403 (Biochemistry, formerly 302), 425 (Molecular Genetics Lab), 426 (Biochemistry Lab)
  • BCHM 480 (Senior Seminar in Biochemistry)
  • Physics 121 and 122 (or 131 and 132)
  • Math 224, 225, 226, and 227 (formerly 221 and 222)
  • 8 credits of Chemistry Electives* (Choose from CHEM 221, 341, 421, 432, 434, 462, 482, 483, 485 and 486)
  • 4 credit Biology Elective*
  • 4 credits in another department in the Division of Science and Mathematics (four credits of BCHM 497 may be used as science and mathematics divisional credits, BIOL 491, 496, and 497, and CHEM 391 and 397 may not)*
    *Eight of these credits must be upper-level.
Biochemistry majors may not take BCHM 401, 403, 425, 426 and 480 (or BIOL 401, 403, 425, 426) or CHEM 361 on a Pass/Fail basis. They may, however, elect to take a total of not more than eight credits of their other courses and electives required for the major with the Pass/Fail grading options.
A grade of a "D" is a passing grade, and will count toward completion of your degree. However, you must have an overall GPA of 2.0 in the major to graduate.

See a sample schedule to help you plan.

All Harpur Requirements:

Please see the Harpur Requirements page and the general education page for the year you entered.

Be aware that the 16 additional credits outside the division of Science and Mathematics (CAN NOT BE CROSS LISTED, i.e. HIST 268/ANTH 256 does not count even if you register as HIST 268).

Often in the course guide a course will be listed as an A/P or G/N, a student will only receive one of the general education credits but may change which one is received. For example, if a student takes MUS 115 listed as A/P, the DARS will first reflect that an A was earned and a P was required. If the student were to take ARTH 113 which is an A, MUS 115 would then count as a P. Student will not receive a general education credit for taking a class as pass/fail.

Last Updated: 11/9/16