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Eriks Rozners

Professor; Department Chairman



As an undergraduate at Latvia's Riga Technical University, Eriks Rozners found himself drawn to RNA, challenged by the complexity of its molecular structure, which is more flexible and less stable than that of DNA. Nearly 30 years later, the Binghamton University scientist has become a leader in the field, with a pair of recent grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation to keep doing what he does best: fundamental research into the chemistry and biochemistry of nucleic acids.

His research interests are in the chemistry and biochemistry of nucleic acids with a focus on elucidation of RNA's structure and function. The research philosophy is to use organic chemistry as the enabling discipline to create unique model systems and tools for fundamental studies and practical applications in nucleic acid biochemistry, biophysics and biomedicine. Current projects include design, synthesis, and biophysical exploration of RNA analogs having non-phosphorous internucleoside linkages and development of novel RNA binders for biomedical applications.


  • BS, PhD, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Research Interests

  • Chemistry and biochemistry of nucleic acids

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